Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I choose Big Tex BBQ instead of another caterer?
Our festive music, interactive games, fun photos, professional and friendly staff, and good food; along with other extras, provide you and your guests an experience they will remember. We show up early and take care of everything (even the trash!) so you can relax and enjoy your event. We make you look like a Hero. RELAX...We Do ALL The Work!

I've searched around and you guys aren't the cheapest. Why not?
There’s a lot more involved in having a great event than just showing up and cooking. Our customers choose us because they won't risk being embarrassed by a cheaper caterer that shows up late or runs out of food. By choosing Big Tex BBQ you don't risk having a bad experience. You get our 100% No-Risk Guarantee. We're not a perfect fit for everyone, but if you want the best event at a fair price, we're the best choice for YOU.

How far in advance should I book my event?
Be sure to book as early as possible so we can get your date locked in. The quicker you book your event, the better. As a particular date books up, the price increases for that date. If you want to lock in your date at the price listed on our Menus, contact us right away. We can also accommodate last minute events up to a day or two in advance, but there may be an additional cost involved with a last minute booking.

I haven't decided on an exact date or location. Can you help me?
We cannot help you until you decide on an exact date and an exact location. Only after you determine the date and location should you call us to book your event.

Can you help me find a venue or give me some ideas where we can have our event?
Our clients always have a venue selected before they call us, so we do not assist with venue selection. However, we can definitely give you some suggestions on a venue. The most popular locations are: Your Office Parking Lot/Parking Garage/Parking Garage Roof, Pavilions, County & City Parks, Bars or Ice Houses, Private Parks & Ranches, Private Venues, Armadillo Palace & Firehouse Saloon (for smaller groups), Backyards, Community Centers, etc. Once you decide on your location, give us a call to book your event.

I have my date and location but I don't have an exact head count. Should I book my event?
Yes. If you have a definite date and location decided and a general idea of how many guests you’ll be expecting, let us know. We can get your date locked in with a deposit and you can adjust your headcount up to a week in advance.

What's the difference between the All-Inclusive Premium Package and the Deluxe Package?
The All-Inclusive Premium Package is our most popular package and comes with EVERYTHING - Drinks, Dessert, Games, Prize Giveaways, Music, Trash Handling, Photographer, and more. With the Deluxe Package you can choose 3 of the following: Music, Photographer, a Prize Giveaway, and Trash Assist.

What's the difference between Trash Assist and Trash Handling?
With ‘Trash Handling’ (All-Inclusive Package) we bring trash cans & trash bags, bag the trash, and put it in an onsite dumpster. We can haul away up to 4 bags of trash complimentary. With ‘Trash Assist’ you provide your own trash cans & trash bags, and we help with the cleanup and bagging of your trash and putting it in an onsite dumpster, with up to 2 bags of complimentary haul off.

I don't need some of the items included in the Catering Packages. If I remove some of them will it reduce the price?
The items included in the packages are complimentary add-ons that we include free of charge so you can have an ‘Awesome’ event. Because we don't charge you for those items it doesn’t reduce the price if you choose to remove them.

I looked at your Packages and I don’t see what I'm looking for. Can you do something different than your listed Packages?
The only options we offer are listed on our “BBQ Catering Packages” Menu. We don’t have any other packages or lower-priced options available.

Can I create my own menu from the ‘BBQ Package Add-Ons’ Menu?
We only offer the catering packages listed on the “BBQ Catering Packages” Menu. The Add-Ons Menu items can only be added to the BBQ Catering package options.

Do you provide tent, table, and chair rentals?
Yes. If you need tables, chairs, or a tent we can provide that through our Party Rental service.

Do I need to call first to see if you have my date available before I call to book?
Nope. You should call us when you’re ready to book your event. Just have your primary date and an alternate date available and we can accommodate you for one your dates. If your primary date is a Premium Date or has Limited Availability left, we will send you pricing for your primary and alternate dates so you can choose which option works best for you.

I don’t have an alternate date - I need to book you for date that I already have planned.
No problem. We understand and can accommodate your request. When you call to book we will check our calendar for availability. If there’s Limited Availability left for that date, we can take care of you, but there may be an extra charge to cover the expense of bringing in additional staff, equipment, and planning logistics for your event.

The Packages say “Catering for 2 Hours” but I need you to be at my event for longer than that. Is that possible?
Yes, we can add as many hours as you need for a nominal charge.

Do you offer discounts for large events? I have an event for 1,000-5,000 guests.
Yes, the discount has already been applied to the pricing on our menu page. For events larger than 500 guests, just use the pricing to calculate your cost (ex.: for 2,000 Guests multiply the cost for 500 guests x 4 and that equals your price for 2,000 guests)

Can I sample your food?
For larger events (200+) we may be able to schedule a drop-off sample after you’ve paid your 50% deposit, depending on our availability.

I want Big Tex BBQ to cater my event! How do I confirm my date?
Go to the Book Your Event page, review the information, and then call us. We will get the details of your event and send you a Catering Agreement so you can pay your 50% deposit and lock in your date.

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Corporate Checks.

Email us at houston @ and we'll answer ALL your questions!